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It's "Easy as Pie" to earn big profits with Elizabeth Jean's pie kits.

Our shelf stable pie kits will earn a 40% profit for your organization.

If you are looking for a fresh, new approach to fundraising we have the perfect product for you! Elizabeth Jean’s offers premium quality, delicious tasting pie kits to meet your fundraising needs. We have a line of shelf stable pie kits, some of which are no-bake, and some that require baking.  Our no-bake shelf stable lineup includes our Banana Cream, Berry, Chocolate Cream, and Chocolate Strawberry.  Our products that require baking are our Apple Crisp and Caramel Apple.  All of our pie kits require the purchaser to add their own fresh fruit and a few other simple ingredients that most people have on hand in their refrigerator.


To ensure that your fundraising event is a success, follow these simple steps:

1. Getting Started

            • Contact us to discuss your fundraising options.

            • Complete our Product Registration Agreement.

            • Reserve your sale delivery date.

            • Once we have all of your information together, we will forward our brochure/order forms you.

2. Your Sale

            • Set a fundraising goal for the entire organization, then break it down into a per student goal.

            • Establish a starting date and an ending date for your sale, usually a 2 to 3 week time period.

3. Concluding the Sale

            • Compile all of your sales order information to determine final quantities to be     ordered. (Be sure to save your individual                   order forms so that you can sort pies by student orders upon delivery.)

            • Submit your final order and payment to us.

4. Delivery

            • Your order will be delivered on the agreed upon date by a freight carrier.

            • Once the pies have been delivered, your volunteers can sort the pies into individual student orders – using the original order               forms that you have saved.

5. Final Details

            • Congratulate your team on a job well done and enjoy the funds that you have raised!



  Fundraising F.A.Q.’s

 Q. What is a pie kit?

 A. Our pie kits are packaged, premeasured ingredients to make a delicious homemade pie in minutes. Our shelf stable kits require the purchaser to add their own fresh fruit and a few other ingredients that most people have on hand in their refrigerator.  

Q. What types of pie kits are available?

A. We currently offer Apple Crisp, Banana Cream, Berry, Caramel Apple, Chocolate Cream and Chocolate Strawberry.

Q. How do I store the pie kit?

A. Our shelf stable kits do not require refrigeration and have a shelf life of approximately one year.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

A. There are no hidden fees.